10 Best Backpack Leaf Blowers

  • Engine : 4.3 hp, 75.6 ㎤ 2-stroke engine
  • Weight : 26.3 lbs
  • Sound Pressure : 104 db
  • Wind Velocity : 206 mph
  • Warranty : 2-year Residential Warranty that can be extended up to 4 years
  • Engine : 3.8 hp, 75.6 cc four-stroke engine
  • Weight : 24.1 lbs
  • Sound Pressure : 76 db
  • Wind Velocity : 206 mph
  • Warranty : 1-year general, 2-year on emissions components
  • Engine : 2.8 hp, 58.2 cc two-cycle engine
  • Weight : 22.7 lbs
  • Sound Pressure : 70 db
  • Wind Velocity : 216 mph
  • Warranty : 5-year

A backpack leaf blower is the best tool to use when you want to keep the walkways around your home or business clean and free of debris. A backpack leaf blower will do a better job in less time than using a broom or a rake to pile up those fall leaves or summer grass clippings. If you have been using a handheld blower and are tired of arm cramps, or if using hand tools is simply too daunting of a prospect to keep up with your fall leaves, a backpack leaf blower is a major upgrade.

A backpack leaf blower is convenient for you to use. The best backpack leaf blowers are lightweight, powerful, and economical. When buying a backpack leaf blower, you might have lots of questions about which one is the best, how it works, or why you would want one model over another. Today, we are going to show you the basics about backpack leaf blowers, then we will share the 10 best models on the market for 2020.

The Best Residential Gas Backpack Leaf Blowers

1. Husqvarna 580BTS Mark II

Husqvarna 580BTS Mark II

Among all the great names on the planet, Husqvarna is a legend. Their small engines are world-renowned for quality, reliability, and performance. The 580BTS Mk.II is the latest addition to the top-of-the-line backpack leaf blowers built by Husqvarna.

This backpack leaf blower has the power you need to move massive piles of dead leaves. It’s 4.3 hp two-stroke engine fires up quickly and easily. The 580BTS produces a hurricane’s worth of air flow, nearly 950 cfm in the pipe for a wind speed over 200 mph. At a weight of 26.3 lbs, it’s no feather, but the adjustable backpack straps make carrying the 580BTS as comfortable as a much lighter unit.

What really sets the Husqvarna on top of the best heavy-duty lists is the reputation for durability the company has among professional landscapers. Few tool manufacturers are more coveted than Husqvarna. This is a leaf blower intended to last you for years and years.


  • Excellent harness system allows all day use
  • Reliable and dependable
  • Engine : 4.3 hp, 75.6 ㎤ 2-stroke engine
  • Fuel consumption : 464 g/kWh
  • Weight : 26.3 lbs
  • Sound Pressure at Operators Ear : 104 db
  • Blowing Force : 41 N
  • Wind Velocity : 206 mph
  • Warranty : 2-year Residential Warranty that can be extended up to 4 years

2. Makita EB7660TH

Makita EB7660TH

Makita is one of the very best equipment manufacturing companies in the world. The EB7660 is the cream of the crop of commercial-grade backpack blowers made by the company. It is available in different throttle configurations, so if you prefer it on the handle, or on your hip, you can choose.

The EB7660 is a true four-stroke engine that does not require mixing oil with the fuel. This prevents the most common problem of two-stroke engines, the tendency of the engine to seize with an improper mixture. The reduced emissions of the EB7660 will do the environment some good, while saving you time and money on expensive premixed fuels or buying two-stroke oil.

The 75.6 ㎤ engine produces an astounding 206 mph wind gale that cleaves through mounds of leaves with ease. The nozzle is designed to produce a tight, narrow path. The compact engine reduces the weight of the tool. It weighs only 24.1 lbs and has some of the widest, best padded shoulder straps available. Heavy duty anti vibration mounts also contribute to comfortable use.


  • Four-stroke engine
  • Quieter than competitors
  • Engine : 3.8 hp, 75.6 cc four-stroke engine
  • Weight : 24.1 lbs
  • Sound Pressure : 76 db
  • Wind Velocity : 206 mph
  • Warranty : 1-year general, 2-year on emissions components

3. Echo PB-580H/T

Echo PB-580H/T

When you need a practical and affordable leaf blower to use around your home, the Echo PB-580H/T might be just the tool for you. Its 58.2 cc two-stroke engine makes more air volume and speed than competitors and even makes less noise. It puts out 510 cfm at a wind speed over 200 mph. Those are big numbers for a small package.

The PB-580 is available in either a hip throttle (H), or a lever throttle (T). Either way, you get the Echo-exclusive padded, vented backplate. This slick device does a great job of helping to circulate air, keeping you sweat free, even in the summer. At only 22.7 lbs, the PB-580 is comfortable to use on long days.


  • Versatile and easy to use design
  • Mid-price point
  • Among the most powerful and quietest of the residential leaf blowers
  • Eengine : 2.8 hp, 58.2 cc two-cycle engine
  • Fuel consumption : 1.03 L/hr at maximum speed
  • Weight : 22.7 lbs
  • Sound Pressure : 70 db
  • Blowing Force : 22 Newtons
  • Wind Velocity : 216 mph
  • Warranty : 5-year residential warranty

4. RedMax EBZ5150

RedMax EBZ5150

The RedMax EC5150 packs power and performance into an affordable package. If some of the design of the RedMax blower reminds you of Husqvarna, there is a reason. Huskqvarna is the parent company of RedMax and contributes heavily to the mechanical components. The result is Husqvarna durability at an easily approachable price.

The RedMax is powered by a 50.2 cc two-stroke engine that makes 487 cfm at the nozzle. The throttle is hip mounted to ease up the pressure on your right hand. It’ll make as much as 215 mph wind velocity, too.


  • Affordable
  • Ventilated back pad
  • Lightweight
  • Engine : 2.3 hp, 50.2 cc two-stroke engine
  • Fuel Consumption : 455 g/kWh
  • Weight : 20.7 lbs
  • Sound Pressure : 89 db
  • Blowing Force : 20 Newtons
  • Wind Velocity : 215 mph
  • Warranty : 2-year warranty

5. AutoParts EBZ8500RH

AutoParts EBZ8500RH

When you need a backpack leaf blower that is powerful enough to clear snow, leaves, and gravel from your walkways, the EBZ8500RH is a great option. AutoParts is a new-comer to the backpack leaf blower industry. Their designs take cues from some of the very best leaf blowers on the market. In fact, you might have a hard time telling this blower from higher priced tools from Husqvarna or RedMax.

The EBZ8500 features a monsterous 75.6 cc two-stroke engine that produces as much as 1024 cfm of air flow. That is enough power to easily clear snow, sticks, and even trash from your yard with ease. The AutoParts blower uses one of the most powerful backpack engines on the market today. It is rated at nearly 4.5 horsepower, a big jump up on many competitors.

The large engine makes this blower one of the more powerful, but also makes it heavy. The padded and ventilated back plate helps make it easier to carry the EBZ8500. It comes with both a straight-tip nozzle and a flat nozzle.


  • Powerful motor that is great for clearing snow
  • Pipe interlock is easy and secure
  • Engine : 4.46 hp, 75.6 cc two-stroke engine
  • Weight : 28 lbs
  • Wind Velocity : 1024 cfm
  • Wind Speed : 206 (straight) 209 (flat)
  • Fuel/oil : Requires a 25:1 fuel/oil mixture

6. Husqvarna 130BT

Husqvarna 130BT

You shouldn’t be surprised to see another Husqvarna on this list. The company builds excellent products, and this lightweight backpack leaf blower is no exception. It is an affordable option for keeping your yard in tip-top shape.

The BT130 uses an X-Torq™ two-stroke engine that is designed to reduce emissions by 60% and improve fuel economy by 20%. The high-efficiency fan produces 360 cfm of airflow at the nozzle and can generate 145 mph winds.

This is a perfect blower for maintaining your average residential property. It is neither too big, too powerful, nor too loud, all while being efficient and effective.


  • Ultra lightweight tool
  • Reliable with a good warranty
  • Engine : 1.13 hp, 29.5 cc two-stroke engine
  • Fuel Consumption : 392 g/kWh
  • Weight : 14.5 lbs
  • Sound Pressure : 91 db
  • Wind Velocity : 145 mph
  • Wind Power : 11 Newtons
  • Warranty : 2-year warranty

7. Poulan Pro PR48BT

Poulan Pro PR48BT

The Poulan Pro is one of the most popular residential, low-priced backpack leaf blowers on the market today. The reason is simple: it provides plenty of powerful air velocity, doesn’t cost a fortune, and handles piles of leaves with ease.

The PR48BT features a 48 cc two-stroke engine that creates 475 cfm of airflow. It starts easily with a recoil starter and is fuel efficient. It’s even CARB compliant for California users. It even features the latest rotary valve carburetor for dependable performance.

At 22 lbs, the Poulan Pro is somewhat heavier than expected for the size. Extensive padding in the shoulders and a well-balanced harness make it easy to carry, even for hours at a time.


    • Engine : 48 cc two-stroke engine
    • Weight : 22 lbs
    • Fuel Capacity : 49.3 oz
    • Sound Pressure : 89 db
    • Wind Velocity : 200 mph
    • Warranty : 2-year residential

    8. Ryobi RY40440 Cordless Electric

    Ryobi RY40440 Cordless Electric

    If the thought of trudging around your yard with a loud, smelly gasoline-powered leaf blower doesn’t sound appealing to you, take a look at this battery-powered leaf blower from Ryobi. Ryobi is one of the most well-respected names in the rechargeable battery tool market. The newest leaf blower from Ryobi will meet your high expectations.

    The RY40440 uses a 40V lithium-ion rechargeable battery that will produce 625 cfm of airflow. It even features a Turbo mode that will add 20% airflow for up to 2 minutes. The blower has two battery ports, so you can add an additional battery to double the run time.

    The best thing about an  electric leaf blower is the massive reduction in noise you experience. Compared to all of the gasoline-powered leaf blowers on this list, the Ryobi is whisper-quiet. Ryobi rates it at only 59 db.


    • Quiet operation
    • Reduces air pollution
    • Excellent choice for smaller spaces
    • Battery pack interchanges with other 40V Ryobi tools
    • Engine : 40V 5.0 aH battery-powered motor
    • Weight : 22.1 lbs
    • Wind Velocity : 145 mph
    • Wind Volume : 625 cfm
    • Warranty : 5-years

    9. Greenworks Backpack Leaf Blower

    Greenworks Backpack Leaf Blower

    The limitation of any battery-powered leaf blower is the power it makes. Greenworks tackles this problem by using an 80V lithium-ion battery to produce 580 cfm of airflow.  Greenworks says the battery will even last up to 70 minutes. The 80V battery pack interchanges with other Greenworks products and is available in both 2.5 aH and 4.0 aH versions.

    A great advantage of this excellent battery-pack leaf blower over gas versions is the reduction in weight. Even with the battery, this blower only weighs a little over 14 lbs. This makes it ideal for use in difficult terrain. It’s even easy to use for cleaning gutters on your house.

    The whisper-quiet brushless motor is a wonderful departure from the hot, noisy, messy gasoline-powered blowers of the past. This is a particularly good choice if you have sound-sensitive neighbors. At only 60 db, it is among the quietest backpack leaf blowers on the market today.


    • Lightweight
    • Ultra-quiet
    • Engine : 80V Lithium-Ion battery-powered motor
    • Control functions : Variable speed and cruise control functions
    • Run-time : 70 min
    • Weight : 14.64 lbs
    • Wind Velocity : 145 mph
    • Wind Power : 580 cfm
    • Sound Level : 60 db
    • Warranty : 2-years (motor), 1-year (battery)

    10. EGO Power+ 56V Backpack Leaf Blower

    EGO Power+ 56V Backpack Leaf Blower

    This one looks like it came off the movie set of the next Ghostbusters movie, and for good reason- it packs some advanced technology designed to really get the air moving. EGO took advantage of a turbine-fan design and a high-efficiency brushless motor to get 600 cfm of air at the nozzle.

    Running on a 56V battery pack, the EGO Power+ has an advertised run time of 90 minutes. The lightweight unit comes in at 25 lbs with the battery installed. The battery interchanges with other EGO Power+ products and recharges in as little as 45 minutes.

    EGO is one of the industry leaders in battery-powered technology. The backpack leaf blower can use 5.0 mAh or 7.5 mAh batteries. A well-padded and intelligently designed harness system with a chest strap makes carrying this backpack leaf blower a breeze. It stays put and is comfortable to use.


    • Excellent battery life
    • Good for small spaces like driveways
    • Comfortable
    • Engine : 56 V Lithium Ion rechargeable battery
    • Fan : Variable speed turbine fan
    • Wind Velocity : 600 cfm
    • Weight : 22 lbs
    • Wind Velocity : 320-500 cfm, 600 cfm turbo
    • Warranty : 1-year

    Backpack Leaf Blower Buyer’s Guide

    Best Backpack Leaf Blowers

    source: 24prdesk.com

    What is a Backpack Leaf Blower?

    Leaf blowers come in various configurations. The most popular types are handheld, backpack, and walk-behind blowers. Each type has benefits and drawbacks that you need to consider when shopping for a new leaf blower.

    Handheld Leaf Blowers

    Handheld blowers are great for small spaces or when you only need to use a leaf blower once in a while. Handheld blowers tend to be bulky, and are notorious for causing you to get tired quickly. You will find that most handheld leaf blowers lack the power you need for larger jobs.

    Walk-Behind Leaf Blowers

    Walk-behind blowers are intended for covering massive amounts of territory quickly, but they are expensive, bulky, and can’t be used in tight spaces.

    Backpack Leaf Blowers

    A backpack blower is the best compromise between efficiently clearing large spaces, comfortable use, and effective leaf and debris cleanup even in tight quarters. Most homeowners and small businesses find that a backpack leaf blower is a great investment for quickly and easily clearing leaves, dirt, and other debris.

    Backpack leaf blowers are powered by gasoline or electricity. Many companies build backpack leaf blowers that are intended for different types of use. Light and medium duty leaf blowers are less expensive and more comfortable to use, but might struggle with large spaces or particularly messy trees. Heavy duty leaf blowers will make short work of even the biggest mess, but the initial cost is substantially higher. A heavy duty leaf blower is also going to weigh more, something you should consider before deciding to purchase a new leaf blower.

    What is the Best Leaf Blower?

    There are many significant differences between the different types of backpack leaf blowers on the market today. But what makes one better than another? Things you will want to consider when shopping for a leaf blower are power, cost, noise, weight, and efficiency. When we set out to compare backpack leaf blowers, we used these terms to measure the best backpack leaf blowers against one another.

    The first decision you need to make when looking at a new leaf blower is how you want it powered. Gasoline and electricity both have advantages and disadvantages that you will need to account for when deciding which backpack leaf blower is the best for you. We broke this list up so you can quickly find the best backpack leaf blower for the type of job you are doing.

    The Best Gasoline Backpack Leaf Blowers

    Gasoline-powered backpack leaf blowers sport the ability to operate for long periods of time and provide consistent performance. Gasoline backpack leaf blowers are the most powerful, but can also be the heaviest. The long runtime of gasoline leaf blower is convenient, but they pollute more than electric and are also louder.

    Backpack Leaf Blower Important Terms

    Two-stroke or 2-cycle: These gasoline engines require a mixture of oil and fuel to operate. Two-stroke engines are banned in some places because of noise and air pollution.

    Four-stroke or 4-cycle: These run on pump gas, pollute less than two-stroke engines, but might not make as much power.

    CFM: Cubic Feet Per Minute. This is a standard measurement for blowers and fans that indicates the volume of air the device can expel.

    The Best Heavy-Duty Gas Backpack Leaf Blowers

    These leaf blowers are equally at home on your residential property or for commercial use by landscapers. They are big, powerful, and guaranteed to get the job done, no matter how big your yard. For some consumers, these blowers are going to be too powerful and can throw leaves much farther than you would want. But, when you have lots of trees, a big yard, or you are thinking of moonlighting as a landscaper, it’s hard to beat the best heavy-duty backpack leaf blowers on the market in 2020.

    The Best Residential Gas Backpack Leaf Blowers

    These leaf blowers are purpose-built for the DIYer that wants to speed up yard work, but isn’t going to be clearing acres at a time. These lighter-duty units can provide benefits over the more expensive professional blowers above. In fact, many of the mid-priced residential blowers today are more controllable than their professional counterparts.


    When you start to look for the best priced blower on the market, always consider what you will use the tool to do. If you are primarily moving grass clippings, a few leaves, and dust, a battery powered unit will more than get the job done. But if you are trying to clear wet leaves, trash, and other types of heavy debris, you probably need to check out a gas-powered leaf blower.

    Two-stroke engines are increasingly being restricted by communities and local governments. Always check with your local authorities before buying a two-stroke leaf blower to make sure it is legal to use in your area.


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