10 Best Drill Press Tables

  • Weight : 11 Pounds
  • Dimensions : 12x24 inches
  • Weight : 1.7 pounds
  • Dimensions : 7.7x11x2 inches
  • Weight : 17 pounds
  • Dimensions : 16x23x1inches

What is a Drill Press Table Used for?

You cannot have a drill press table without a drill press. So, what is a drill press? A drill press is basically a massive drill, like a hand drill but way larger, much faster, and much more powerful.

Best Drill Press Tables

source: woodsmithplans.com

A drill press is used for drilling and boring metal and wood. There are only so many ways to describe a drill press. Its entire function is to put holes in things. It does this by using a large variety of drill bits. These bits come in a range of sizes and materials for punching through any kind of wood or metal you can imagine. A drill press can drill as shallow as a single centimeter or deeper than a foot.

A drill press either comes as a floor model or a benchtop model. Benchtop models are great for small jobs and are often found in casual machine shops or home garages. Benchtop models are not going to require a specialized drill press table – at least not normally. That being said, you can always benefit from having one available in case of a big job.

A floor model drill press is used for heavy-duty industrial tasks. These models are generally going to be in operation all day, making precision bores over and over again. Anyone who has worked in an industrial shop with a drill press can tell you firsthand how useful a specialized table can be. The table that comes included with the drill press is often too small for big, complex jobs. To rectify the situation, it is always best to get a drill press table that is going to make the work quicker, easier, and more efficient in every way.

A proper drill press table should fit your drill comfortably without being too bulky or in the way. The operator needs enough space to work effectively with enough tools to get the job done quick. This means a strong fence and some high-quality clamps. Luckily, any half decent drill press table should come with useful accessories.

That said, there are also specialized drill press tables used primarily for long pieces of equipment, such as when something too heavy or too long for a single operator to carry must be drilled into. Don’t worry, we have added every kind of desirable drill press table to our list of the 10 very best.

10 Best Drill Press Tables

1. MLCS 9765 Drill Press Table

MLCS 9765 Drill Press Table

By using the drill press table from MLCS, you are effectively increasing the maximum workspace possible with your drill press and giving yourself a massive boost in precision. This great drill press table comes 12 inches in width and 24 inches in length. If you can’t complete your job with this massive table, you may need to get a secondary table.

The tabletop itself is crafted from super tough medium density fiberboard that works to absorb the vibration caused by your drilling. It also has a melamine cover that protects the table from moisture while making it super smooth. The table comes included with a pair of T-tracks and a high-quality fence. The throat plate will fit any size of drill bit and is wide enough to accommodate almost any sanding drum.

If you are looking for a drill press table that is easy to install and offers the most in versatility and accessories, this is the right option for you. Plus, it costs less than $100.


  • Comes included with a fence
  • Comes included with a pair of T-tracks
  • Massive working space for all projects
  • Throat plate is easily replaceable
  • Very affordable
  • : 11 Pounds
  • : 12x24 inches
  • : 7/8” MDF/Melamine

2. Proxxon KT70 Micro Drill Press Table

Proxxon KT70 Micro Drill Press Table

Proxxon is now offering the best in small, portable drilling tables. This product is fantastic at allowing you to drill with expert precision. We’re talking about 0.05 millimeter increments with a full revolution of only one millimeter. That makes this drill press table excellent for small jobs like drilling microchips and circuit boards. However, this small sized table is not ideal for woodworking at all. This is definitely a specialty table.

Included with this drill press table are a pair of step clamps that can be used to firmly clamp just about anything. There are also three standard T-slots to give you lots of flexibility, adjusting your step clamps any way you need. In truth, everything about this press table is smartly designed.


  • German engineered quality
  • Ideal for small projects, circuit boards, small projects
  • Adjustable ruler for maximum precision
  • Comes included with step clamps
  • Handy for home workshops & hobbyists
  • : 1.7 pounds
  • : 7.7x11x2 inches
  • : Green
  • : Surface-treated aluminum

3. Woodpeckers WPDPPACK2 MDF Drill Press Table

Woodpeckers WPDPPACK2 MDF Drill Press Table

Woodpeckers has been a trusted name in the industry for a long time. They make some of the best drill press tables on the market today. This particular model is actually an upgrade of an older version, an upgrade with more features to make your work easier. This table comes included with a pair of double-wide T-tracks, a pair of knuckle hold-down clamps, and a tabletop surface that is 16 x 23, making it large enough to take on just about any heavy-duty project.

The greatness does not stop there. The tabletop is crafted from a super strong MDF and then layered with a special micro dot laminate, giving you sustainable protection against moisture and stains. Not only do you get extra protection with the laminate, but it is also easier to clean and easier to slide wood around on. And finally, the included fence is red to match the red pre-bolted T-tracks.

This is the ultimate drill press table with everything included. Sure, it costs a bit more than some others, but it’s well worth the price for all the bells and whistles you get with the table.


  • Built from high-quality materials
  • Woodpeckers is known for reliability
  • Huge surface for many types of work
  • Comes with embedded, double-wide T-tracks
  • Great for using with large floor-model drill presses
  • : 17 pounds
  • : 16x23x1inches
  • : MDF w/ micro-dot laminate

4. Woodpeckers DP3 Precision Drill Press Fence

Woodpeckers DP3 Precision Drill Press Fence

Firstly, this piece of equipment is not a drill press table. It is a high-quality fence that can be used on Woodpeckers tables or on homemade drill press tables. If you are creating your own table at home to be used with your drill press, this fence is a must have accessory. It will work to maximize your stability and precision while working with wood.

The fence comes in an attractive red color. It is 23.5 inches long and 3/8 inches thick, machined to an exact 90 degrees with a two-inch cut out in the middle for consistent clearance with the drill press’s chuck. There are even two special knobs that work to hold this fence firmly to the T-tracks.


  • Great addition to DIY drill press tables
  • Can be used on Woodpeckers tables w/o a fence
  • Heavy duty and built from thick aluminum w/ anodized finish
  • Easily adjustable for lots of different jobs
  • : 5.27 pounds
  • : 27x4x4 inches
  • : Red
  • : 3/8” thick
  • : Aluminum

5. MLCS 9778 Jumbo Drill Press Table

MLCS 9778 Jumbo Drill Press Table

The jumbo drill press table from MLCS is a worthy addition to our list. This table is heavy duty and comes equipped with a universal mounting system. That means it has a rugged fence that moves easily along the T-tracks. The fence has been improved to accommodate an additional handle clearance, making it so you don’t have to move the fence anymore.

This is the ideal unit for adding maximum versatility to your drill press. It even comes with a special stop block to help with repetitive cutting. And of course, it can accommodate sanding drums. At roughly 30 inches in length, you can’t find a better jumbo drill press table.


  • Supersized table excellent for big jobs
  • Comes included with fence & mounted block
  • Can accommodate sanding drums
  • Includes a pair of T-tracks
  • Ideal for use in heavy-duty industrial shops
  • : 23 pounds
  • : 31x21x3.5 inches
  • : 7/8” thick

6. DeWalt DW7350 Planer Stand

DeWalt DW7350 Planer Stand

The planer stand from DeWalt is a necessary piece of equipment for your drill press if you are working with pieces of wood or metal that are too long to fit onto any ordinary drill press table. This unit works as a secondary table with a mobile base that you can wheel easily around your shop and store out of the way. It is also handy for wheeling exceptionally heavy pieces to and from your drill press.

The stand weighs quite a bit at 59 pounds and can easily hold just about anything. The wheels work very well, keeping the stand stable and in place when you need it. This is something that is handy to have around in any shop or warehouse.


  • Works all over your shop, highly versatile
  • Stable platform for large workpieces
  • Stores easily out of the way
  • Quality wheels
  • Top shelf built from MDF
  • : 59.1 pounds
  • : 24x22x30 inches
  • : MDF top shelf

7. WEN DPA2412T Drill Press Table

WEN DPA2412T Drill Press Table

This piece of equipment is a solid drill press table. It may not be the strongest, it may not be the heaviest, and it is certainly not the most expensive, but it is a good quality table to use with your drill press.

The great thing about this drill press table is that it is designed to be used with every drill press from WEN. You also can’t beat the ultra-low price, currently sitting at less than $50. It comes with rulers for easy measuring, a fence stop block, and an adjustable fence for maximum precision. This is a great option for anyone who needs a budget drill press table.


  • Spacious enough for many different tasks
  • Will fit with every WEN series drill press
  • Comes with an adjustable fence
  • Integrated with rulers for easy measuring
  • Less than $50
  • : 10.5 pounds
  • : 23.9x11.9x4 inches
  • : 7/8” thick
  • : MDF construction

8. Woodstock D4033 Drill Press Table

Woodstock D4033 Drill Press Table

A great option from Woodstock, the D4033 drill press table is a sturdy option for anyone on a budget. It is less than $100 and comes included with a 3” high fence and also a stop block, allowing you to work effortlessly drilling holes in wood or metal. The unit comes included with a pair of universal clamps so that you don’t need to buy any extra accessories. It gives ample room to work with roughly 24×12 inches of workspace. Plus, the table allows you to drill through downwards thanks to the center block.


  • Great for budget builds
  • Fence is high to keep your drilling straight
  • Comes included with two clamps
  • Accommodates through drilling beneath the table
  • : 23.75x11.88 inches
  • : 3” fence
  • : White

9. Fulton Peachtree Woodworking Basic Drill Press Table

Fulton Peachtree Woodworking Basic Drill Press Table

This basic drill press table from Fulton is a very good medium-grade model. It comes with all the basic features you would expect from any drill press table, including specialized tracks, a wide opening under the chuck that allows you to use any drum sander up to 3 inches in diameter, and a smooth laminate surface. It even has a handy fence for keeping your holes straight.

One of the key features with this drill press table is that it comes with an innovative system for mounting directly onto the drill press, which you will find underneath the table. This is excellent if your drill press was slotted from the factory. If not, this unit comes with strong aluminum clamps that and you can use those for mounting.


  • Accepts 3” drum sanders
  • Can fit almost any drill press w/ special track system
  • Laminated top and bottom for no warping
  • Medium price-range, confident of quality
  • Smooth for easy manipulation of wood
  • : 1-3/8” thick
  • : 14x24 inches
  • : Laminated
  • : White

10. Shop Fox D2056 Tool Table

Shop Fox D2056 Tool Table

As a tool table, this piece of equipment is super handy. It has such a strong and robust design that it works to drastically reduce the vibration you feel from your machine. It has cross brace support that helps bolster its impressive weight capacity, which stands at exactly 700 pounds.

This is by no means a proper drill press table, but you can use it in place of a more expensive model if you don’t want to go through the hassle of installing one. Plus, this table is versatile. You can use it all over the shop, the warehouse, or the garage to help with miscellaneous tasks. At less than $100, you can’t go wrong. Use it as a secondary table to stabilize long pieces of wood while drilling.


  • Useful for a lot of different tasks
  • Surprisingly high weight capacity
  • Can tuck away easily
  • An extremely stable surface at an unbeatable price
  • : 22 pounds
  • : 13x23 inches
  • : 30.5 inches tall
  • : 700 lb. capacity
  • : Laminated finish

Drill Press Table Buyer’s Guide

If you have ordered a drill press only to find yourself struggling with its integrated table, it may be time to go out and buy an upgrade for your drill press table. This will allow you to continue working at optimal performance, not losing any time with a flimsy or small table. This is critical when woodworking or drilling through large pieces of material, as sometimes hundreds of holes must be drilled per hour.

Here we will go over the five key features to look for when buying a new drill press table for your machine.


Size is key. Size is the primary reason why people are not happy with the table that comes included with their drill press. Aftermarket tables range generally from 20 inches in length all the way to 24 inches in length, with widths roughly 12 inches. This is an optimal surface area for all kinds of projects. If you need something larger, you may need to invest in extensions. You may also consider setting up your drill press near a worktable.


Even if your drill press came included with a sufficiently sized table, it still probably didn’t come with a fence. And fences are absolutely critical to drilling with constant precision. We highly recommend that you buy a drill press table with a high-quality fence integrated into it. The plain fact is that the quality of your work may depend on your table’s fence.

Fences can be simple or complicated, made either from metal or wood. The whole point of the fence is to act as a hard guide when drilling, thus ensuring each of your holes is in the correct position. In essence, the fence is a firm 90-degree barrier that can be moved easily along the T-tracks of your table, left to right and forward and back. This ensures you can make expert holes anywhere on your table, keeping the wood your drilling into firmly in place.


Considering how many accessories and additions go into creating a versatile drill press platform, you are going to need a tool to keep all of your other tools in place. This is the purpose of hold-down clamps.

When buying a drill press table, it is almost certainly going to come with clamps. It is your job to ensure the included clamps are high quality, and that they glide effortlessly on the provided T-tracks. Without a solid set of clamps, you risk losing your place during a drilling session. This can prove detrimental to your project.

It is important to note that clamps don’t only hold your tools in place, clamps also work to hold your wood or metal workpiece firmly on the table. Whatever you do, don’t be cheap when it comes to clamps.


T-tracks, which are generally thought of as superior to T-slots, are a pair of perpendicular tracks on your drill press table that span its entire width, working much like the tracks underneath your desk that allow you to open and close the desk drawer.

T-tracks are used for attaching necessary accessories to your drill press table. You would have a hard time finding a table for your drill press that didn’t come with T-tracks. Without them, it will be tough to attach a proper fence or system of clamps. T-tracks are generally reliable, strong, and allow for maximum versatility with your workstation.

Throat plate

The throat plate, although a relatively small part of the drill press table found underneath the chuck, is incredibly important. This is a removable component which will allow you to change it rather than the whole table. Think of the throat plate as a miniature shield. Rather than completely destroying the drill press table by accidentally drilling into it, the throat plate will take the brunt of the damage. It is better to replace the small throat plate than the entire expensive tabletop.


There are still other things to look for when buying your new drill press table. For example, you want the finish to be strong and quality. It’s obvious at some point your table is going to get scuffed and marked by constant work. However, a high-quality wood table with a durable laminate finish is going to give you a smooth table that won’t warp and will remain looking good even with some scrapes and scuffs.

The quality of the material is also important. Chances are that while shopping for a new table, trusted brands that you are familiar with are going to offer the best quality in terms of how the table was built and what it was built from. If you are using your drill press a lot, it will pay in the long run to choose a manufacturer known for making strong and resilient products.

Also, keep your eyes open for any drill press table that offers extra accessories. These can make your life so much easier. Extra features can be anything from sliding/quick attachment system to a specialty drawer for storing important tools and equipment. If you can get more out of your drill press table, why wouldn’t you?

In terms of price, most of the tables on our list are priced fairly similarly. That being said, and as with every tool in a craftsman’s arsenal, it is generally smart to pay a little more to make your life a lot easier.


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