10 Best Garage Workbenches

  • Height : 34”
  • Top Capacity : 10,000 lbs
  • Weight : 415 lbs
  • Height : 29.75”
  • Top Capacity : 350 lbs
  • Weight : 17.5 lbs
  • Height : 33.5”
  • Top Capacity : 1000 lbs
  • Weight : 26.9 lbs

A workbench is the star of every handyman’s sanctuary. The workbench is going to be your centerpiece, the place where you get all of your work done, where all your tools can be found, and where you spend most of your time tinkering, sawing, screwing, and working. This is the place where you will be spending almost all of your time in the workshop. Every worker has one, big or small, whether it’s an iron-grated bench, a plank of wood between two blocks, or a portable folding workbench where you can tinker while out on the jobsite.

There are various types of workbenches, high-quality and low. Those who practice metalworking, woodworking, and even gardening are going to benefit from a workbench. Mechanics, craftsmen, and the like are all going to have one. Some workbenches are heavy duty, some are filled with drawers for tools, some have shelves, and some are powered full of sockets and other electrical. Many of the best are homemade, while some can be purchased online or from the hardware store. There is honestly no shortage when it comes to workbenches.

A workbench table is the most common form of workbench. This unit is a simple table with almost no storage cupboards, shelves, or drawers. It stands strong for you to work on, is relatively portable, and can generally be installed with a vise on one of the corners.

For more storage, you will find a workbench cabinet, which are often used by mechanics. These have a solid surface for working and the bottom is filled with drawers and cabinets to keep all of your small screwdrivers, drills, wrenches, etc. easily accessible. These are more expensive than a typical workbench.

You can also find workbenches with a pegboard, which are great for home garages. They give you lots of room to hang your most useful tools, usually with a few shelves on the bottom for extra storage space. These are found in just about every hobbyist’s home work space.

Finally, portable workbenches are great for tradesmen. Framers, plumbers, drywallers – all these kinds of trades benefit from using a portal rolling or folding workbench. These units are small and provide a convenient area to buzz wood, put together some pieces of pipe, glue PVC, or whatever other task you may need to accomplish.

Let’s take a look at the 10 best workbenches available today, all of which you can purchase easily from Amazon. We will look at portable units and home units.

10 Best Workbenches

1. Little Giant WW-3672-2HD Welded Steel Workbench

Little Giant WW-3672-2HD Welded Steel Workbench

Let’s kick off the list with a tough steel workbench. The WW-3672-2HD from Little Giant is a great option for those who need bulk at an affordable quality. These units have a top capacity of 10,000 pounds, meaning they are great to use in steel fabrication shops and warehouses in which there are a lot of heavy-duty inspections going on. You can padlock the tools safely in the spacious drawers at night. The corners are rounded to keep stubborn employees from bashing themselves against them, while the firm legs will keep the table from tipping. 34” standard height with a workspace of 72”x36”, this steel workbench is going to help you get the job done quickly and easily with no unwanted frills.


  • Welded steel, incredibly durable
  • Legs crafted from sturdy iron
  • Top is 7-gauge steel w/ 10,000 lbs capacity
  • Pair of drawers w/ padlock capability
  • Bottom shelf is 12-gauge steel w/ 500 lbs capacity
  • You don’t need to assembly anything
  • Comes fixed at 34” high

    2. Black & Decker WM125 350-Pound Portable Work Bench

    Black & Decker WM125 350-Pound Portable Work Bench

    Black & Decker is a pretty famous name, synonymous with quality. Their portable workbench is no different. This unit comes with a height of 29.75”, which doesn’t make it an all-day workbench by any means. Still, you can use this on the jobsite to meet your needs as they arise. The setup is clean and simple with an easy folding mechanism for compact storage and quick deployment. The bench will hold 350 pounds securely, which is impressive since it only weighs 15 pounds and can be folded completely flat like a fold-up chair. Black & Decker even promises their jaws to resist any warping. And thanks to the swivel pegs, you are able to adjust the unit to clamp safely onto oddly shaped objects. This unit is great for carpenters.


    • Steel frame is tough w/ wooden vise jaws
    • Swivel pegs are adjustable
    • Compact and folds flat
    • 350lbs weight capacity
    • Good unit for portability

      3. Keter Folding Table Workbench

      Keter Folding Table Workbench

      Another portable workbench, the Keter Folding Table Workbench is a marvel for woodworking on site. You simply can’t take a massive worktable with you to the contractor’s job, and so the Keter portable table is the next best thing – and definitely better than working on the floor. The unit has a better height than most at 33.5”. It also has a strong capacity of 1000 pounds on its tough resin work surface. As a sawhorse, this piece of equipment is great for mounting a saw onto and making quick cuts through the whole day. It is built of a plastic resin, which makes it lightweight and easy to pack into the truck at night. To be quite honest, this is undoubtedly the best portable workbench for woodworkers.


      • Comes included with two 12-inch clamps
      • 1000 pound capacity
      • Ultra-portable w/ folding system & easy storage
      • Built from super tough resin
      • No maintenance required
      • Resistant to weather
      • Easily assembled & quick to clean

        4. Seville Classics Ultra Graphite Wood Top Workbench w/ Wheels

        Seville Classics Ultra Graphite Wood Top Workbench w/ Wheels

        For handy workbenches that you can use at home for simple projects, wheel around your garage from place to place, or even use simply for a home renovation, wheeling it room to room, the Ultra Graphite Wood Top is definitely the best. This moderately heavy-duty bench from Seville Classics is designed to provide a capacity of 1000 pounds on its 1.5” wooden top, which comes coated in a durable polyurethane material. The four wheels make it simple to roll around. You can even lock two of them. Just keep in mind that it isn’t designed for industrial-strength jobs. This unit works better as a workbench for homeowners, or as a useful secondary workbench for an indoor shop where you need something portable. I, personally, wouldn’t attach a vise onto a bench with wheels.


        • Highly portable
        • Work easily from anywhere in your home or shop
        • 2 locking wheels
        • Organizer drawer is built from tough steel w/ dividers & mounting points
        • The frame is heavy duty
        • The wood top is durable and solid wood, finished w/ polyurethane
        • Versatile unit for everyday jobs

          5. 2x4Basics Custom Workbench & Shelving System

          2x4Basics Custom Workbench & Shelving System

          This is the bee’s knees when it comes to fit and functionality. The custom workbench system from 2×4 Basics is one of the best-selling benches on the market, blending a workman’s customizability with a lazy man’s ease of building. The unit comes with approx. four workbench legs and six shelf links with brackets that are made of super tough resin. The great thing about this system is that not only is it strong, but you make it whatever size you want, up to 8’x4’. You just need to add the lumber and use the provided legs and shelving links. You can have one shelf, two shelves, or even three shelves, with a massive wooden workbench that stands up to all the brutal outdoor punishment given by any framer, drywaller, gutter man, or siding installer.


          • The most customizable option
          • Table can be up to 8’x4’
          • As many shelves as you want
          • Easy to build with your own lumber
          • Very tough legs and brackets
          • Great for the outdoors
          • Able to add a peg board with your own customization

            6. Lifetime Products Wall-Mounted Worktable

            Lifetime Products Wall-Mounted Worktable

            Let’s move to a wall-mounted worktable. This 4’ unit comes with an excellent wood varnished surface and an adjustable height anywhere between 34” and 42.3”. This is ideal for a number of reasons, not least of which is that with adjustable height comes less back pain. You can stand at the exact angle most comfortable for you, saving your body health issues in the future. The unit comes included with a super handy pegboard for your pliers, wrenches, tape rolls, and more. You can even add hooks on the sides for cords. Plus, one of the coolest aspects is that the entire unit not only mounts to the wall, but it folds up flat. It’s like a secret, unfolding workbench mounted straight to your garage wall.


            • Pegboards on the exterior and interior
            • Folds to store out of the way
            • Wall-mounted, great for a home garage
            • Surface is wood varnished & attractive
            • Adjustable between 34 & 42.3 inches
            • Water resistant

              7. WORX Pegasus Mult-Function Worktable & Sawhorse

              WORX Pegasus Mult-Function Worktable & Sawhorse

              The Pegasus doubles as a fully functional worktable and a useful sawhorse. This portable piece of equipment lets you get a ton of jobs done with its 1,000-pound capacity and integrated clamping system. Plus, it folds completely flat and can be stored anywhere. It is exactly 31” in height and gives you an 18-inch clamping width. For putting together wooden furniture, working with wood around the house, or using as a table on the jobsite, the Pegasus is going to do wonders.


              • Sawhorse + worktable
              • Can withstand up to 1000 lbs
              • Comes included with two clamps and four clamp dogs
              • Durable construction with reliable features
              • Foldable for easy storage

                8. Milwaukee Workbench with Pegboard

                Milwaukee Workbench with Pegboard

                No list is complete without at least one Milwaukee. This particular workbench is one of the best that comes with wheels. It has 11 drawers, each one opening smoothly to give you quick access to all of your most important tools. You can now sort them properly instead of clunking them into one bucket or drawer. The wheels allow you to move the unit across your shop, making it ideal when working on cars or big trucks, since you can have the workstation near you at all times. The bench is 60 inches long, which means you can load it full of parts and components to your heart’s content.


                • Sliding pegboard
                • Wooden working surface
                • Handy push handle
                • Super strong wheels for easy moving
                • 11 drawers for near limitless storage
                • Drawers for extra storage
                • Great for keeping in a mechanic shop or using as a portable workstation

                  9. Husky 6’ Wood Top Workbench

                  Husky 6’ Wood Top Workbench

                  If you’re looking for the Husky 6’ Workbench online, the pictures don’t do it justice. This is a heavy workbench that weighs over 100 pounds. This is exactly what you need when working with wood, motors, or other heavy pieces of machinery. The Husky 6’ Workbench gives you 3,000 pounds of capacity, with adjustable legs that move from 28 inches to 42 inches. I would say this workbench is sturdy and strong enough to mount a vise onto the corner. For at home or at the shop, you can’t go wrong with this unit and its thick 1.25” wooden top.


                  • Adjustable to 42”, great for your back
                  • Thick wooden top of 1.25”
                  • Capable of supporting a vise
                  • 3,000 pound weight capacity on the top
                  • Weighs over 100 pounds, making it sturdy
                  • Fixed, meaning no wheels to slip. This baby isn’t going anywhere

                    10. Seville Classics Ultra HD Lighted Workbench

                    Seville Classics Ultra HD Lighted Workbench

                    Last but certainly not least is the fixed lighted workbench from Seville Classics. As far as fixed workbenches go at an affordable price, this unit is the king. When you purchase this bench, you are getting a solid work platform with integrated lighting and a 1.5” top of ultra-strong beech wood. The table is going to take loads of punishment while storing all your quick-access tools on the 23 pegs, inside the stainless-steel/fingerprint-proof drawers, or on the cantilever overhead. The height is 37.5”, which is great for working a lot with your hands on projects you need to see clearly. This is a great tinkerer’s bench.


                    • Massive pegboard w/ 23 hooks
                    • Cantilever shelf for miscellaneous storage
                    • Easy-to-open drawers
                    • Built-in fluorescent lighting
                    • Power strip
                    • The finish is powder coated
                    • Steel frame is heavy duty

                      Buyer’s Guide for Workbenches

                      Best Garage WorkBench

                      source: biskoutio.com

                      Expectantly, the first thing to consider when shopping around for a workbench is exactly what kind of workbench you’re looking for. As stated in the beginning of the article, there are many different kinds to choose from. Do you want heavy duty, drawers, a lot of storage, a bit of shelving, some electronic capabilities for plugging in tools easily? How much money do you want to put down on your new workbench? There are a lot of factors. And while many enjoy building their own workbench from scratch, that’s time consuming and not all of us can be so thrifty. We’ll focus on workbenches you can buy.

                      The Perfect Height for a Workbench

                      The absolute most important thing with your workbench is that it stands at the correct height for your body and your work. This is critical. Imagine sitting in a chair that’s too low for you to type on your computer, or too high; you either over-extend or you slouch, and this can cause problems with your back, nerves, ligaments, spinal discs, and tendons. Not to mention your muscles. If you have a job that involves putting together small pieces all day while standing at a workbench and your posture is off or you have to slouch at an incorrect angle, that’s an injury waiting to happen.

                      The most common work-related workbench injury is WMSD, which is musculoskeletal disorder. This is the result of your wacky posture while standing incorrectly all throughout the day. But WMSD doesn’t happen at once. It’s a gradual process that comes from days, weeks, and even years of repetitive work while standing at a workbench or on an assembly line where you’re not properly aligned for your body height or the work you’re doing. For more information on WMSD and how the ergonomics of the workbench can be detrimental to your health, please visit the CDC site on the Elements of Ergonomics.

                      There are countless “rules of thumb” all over the Internet for how to choose the proper height of your workbench. Some say the bench should stand at the edge of your shirt cuff, while others say it should be exactly at your first thumb knuckle, measured while you’re standing slack. The truth is that it totally depends on what jobs you’re doing. You want to be comfortable and you want your work to be effortless. Many tradesmen prefer workbenches that are a little lower than average, about 32”, so that they can get maximum leverage when using saws and other hand tools. These people are never at the workbench all day, and so it’s fine that they come and go just to make cuts.

                      For those of us who work all day at the workbench, we know there is no perfect fit. What’s right for me is not going to be right for you. And while most standard benches are between 33” and 36”, if you’re five inches taller than I then that’s not going to be ideal. This is where adjustable workbenches come in handy. Fixed benches are great if you want an affordable option that is going to work for the majority in a massive shop, but for personal safety and care you may want an adjustable. These allow you to set the height accordingly.

                      Of course, the best way to know what workbench height works for you is to try it. In all my years I have never encountered a “problem” workbench. For me, the best height is a bench that I can easily sit my butt down on for a break. Portable benches are short but work well for quick jobs. A hobbyist workbench needs to be sturdy and at the exact perfect height for them to easily see all their small pieces. The perfect workbench height simply doesn’t exist. Your personal preference and experience are going to play a huge role in your decision. There you have it, the answer to one of the most frequent questions we get from our readers regarding how tall a workbench should be.

                      The Perfect Width for a Workbench

                      Almost as important as the height of your workbench is the width. The smallest you tend to find with a workbench’s working area is roughly two feet wide, but they can be found as wide as ten feet. Just like with choosing your height, it generally depends on what jobs you’re doing. Is two feet going to be enough room for all your tools to clutter comfortably? How big is that motor you’re working on, the model plane, the piece of furniture? Always use your discretion when searching for the perfect workbench width. A few inches too long is almost always better than a few inches too short.

                      The Perfect Material for a Workbench

                      Material is important. Wood, plastic, steel. These are your options when it comes to workbenches. And yet again, it all depends on the type of work.

                      As you may have guessed, plastic is the worst for most applications (electrical exempt). These units are cheap, flimsy, very light, and might not take the pounding of a hammer all that well. Only pick up a plastic workbench surface if you’re tinkering, using glues, small pieces of electronics. Plastic tables are not meant for the rigors of cutting and hacking.

                      It should come as no surprise to anyone that wood workbenches are incredibly strong. These benches can take massive weights, hard impacts, falls, and even blasts of intense heat. You can use these workbenches for basically anything. They typically come built from thick maple and the wood is compressed to be dense and heavy. People who work with wood are going to get the most out of a sturdy wooden table.

                      Steel workbenches are heavy duty. They come welded to utter perfection, designed to withstand bulk weights, oil spills, brutally high temperatures, and all breeds of solvent. These kinds of benches are great for mechanics or those who get into real messes with their work. Do yourself a favor and keep electricity away from a steel workbench.


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