Best Garage Door Sensor Guide 2018

A garage door sensor is attached to the garage opening systems to help proper opening and closing of the garage door. They prevent the garage door from closing when something comes in the way. This prevents both the damage to the garage door and the obstacle which could be a power tool.

These safety sensors are however very sensitive and start malfunctioning pretty early. Mainly of the photosensor category, the garage door sensors have LEDs or an infrared source and a receiver at opposite ends of the garage door. The continuous usage and tangled wires are mostly the reason for their failure.

In case of a malfunctioning garage door sensor, the garage door can remain stuck open or close if you do not bypass it.

In this article, I am going to explain to you the working of a garage door sensor, how to bypass it easily and also some easy ways to fix them at home.

Garage Door Eye Sensor

A photo eye sensor can identify people and objects likewise. Infrared rays run in between the two eyes of the photosensors. If the rays are interrupted these sensors assume an obstacle in the way and the door of the garage is kept open. Once the rays are not interrupted anymore and the space in front is vacant, a pulley system elevates and drops the door slowly after you operate the remote.

Best Garage Door Sensor 2018

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Garage Door Sensor Bypass Ways

There may be situations where you want to bypass the garage door sensors to keep the garage door open for prolonged periods of time.

In such cases, you can take the following actions:

  • Photo Eye Sensors can be misaligned – Only by displacing the sensors, the opener for your garage door will not work correctly.  Impairing one of the sensors will result in the failure of the opening system. If either of the two sensors is defective then it will start blinking rapidly indicating failure.
  • Power of the sensors: Easiest way of the lot. Simply switch the power of the sensors off in the condition of the garage door you prefer. Do remember to switch the power on when you want the normal operation to resume.
  • The emergency release cord can be pulled- The emergency cord (which is connected to a door trolley by a spring) can be pulled in order to disengage the door from its opener. On pulling the cord down it detaches the opener carriage from the door opener. 

Garage Door Sensor Not Working? Easy Solutions

How to tell if garage door sensor is bad? In case you have a faulty garage door sensor system, you can do some basic troubleshooting yourself before you call an expert.

  • Opening and closing the garage door manually: There is always a manual release cord present near the motor of the garage opener. The manual release cord is red in color to help easy detection. Pulling this cord disconnects the garage door from the opening system. After this is done you can manually open or close the garage door. Do take help if you have a heavy garage door.
  • Look for torn wires: The photosensors are usually connected to each other and the power source using wires. A torn wire can cause your garage door sensors to malfunction. Check for damaged wires and fix them if you find any.
  • Clean the door operation area: Even small obstacles in the garage door area can set off a false alarm in the sensors. Keep the garage door area clean with periodic garbage removal. Learn how you can keep your garage tools organized.
  • Clean sensors: You can use a clean towel to clean the sensors and the LEDs. A dust coat can cause malfunction of your sensors.
  • Sensor misalignment: Check for sensor misalignment. This can cause the sensors to not work as well.
  • Replacing the sensors: This probably comes last. The garage door sensors normally have small units with LED lights present at either end of the garage door. These LED lights can go out of order. Therefore, replacing the unit can be an easy fix to the garage door sensor bypass problem.

Garage Door Sensor Replacement Process

Garage door sensor replacement can be done in some easy steps following the guide given below.

Disengage the Power

Turn off the circuit responsible for controlling the functionality of the door of your garage

Locate the Garage Sensors.

The door sensors of your garage come as tiny pieces of plastic with LED lights. These LED lights are placed on the opening of the garage, on the left and the right side. These are usually placed towards the ground, some 2 inches above the floor.

Loosen the Sensors

Loosen the wing nuts and remove the LED lights from their brackets. Go easy on the sensor as it is very sensitive.

Dissect the Connecting Wire

By using a wire cutter you need to split the black and white wires. The length of the dissected wire should be around an inch starting from the sensor. When you have done this you can be sure that you have disconnected the sensors successfully from the door of your garage.

Connect New Sensors

Connect the new sensors with the dissected wired. Check wire colors for help in connecting the proper wires.

If the LEDs still fail to light up then you may need to change the sensors altogether. You can buy them from Amazon easily fix them on garage door frame.

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