How To Keep Spiders Out Of Garage – 5 “Killer” Ways

Tired of unwanted guests in your house? Spiders can be a nuisance especially in places like the garage. The problem of how to keep spiders out of garage keeps troubling us every time we enter the garage!

Garages tend to be untidy being a dumping ground for useless stuff. This leads to the garage being infested by various insects and mice. With spider webs all around the roof, the situation can become more difficult if someone is arachnophobic

How to Keep Spiders Out of Your Garage

So, to save yourselves from a mini cardiac arrest every time you go to the garage, here are some tips you may follow to keep the spiders away from your home!

How To Keep Spiders Out Of Garage - do boxed storageKeep your Belongings in Sealed Boxes

Spiders can hide and settle mostly in cardboard boxes and other forms of clutter kept in the garage. Therefore, a straightforward solution is keeping your important goods in airtight plastic boxes. If that is becoming difficult you may use cardboard but do seal the openings properly with packing tape.

If the boxes are kept off the floor or away from the walls then it’ll be more difficult for the spiders to reach them.

Try to Clear Excess Debris

You may have a lot of things kept in your garage that are rarely used. Get rid of them! The more junk you will have, the more the spiders will invade.

They will find a fine spot to lay eggs and thrive in those unused pieces of cardboard boxes and tools. This is because spiders prefer dark and shady corners for sustenance. So, it will be better, that you don’t keep anything such as piles of firewood in your garage and rather place it somewhere outside.

Keep the Lighting Correct

how to keep common house spiders out of garage - adjust lighting
Lights Attract Insects, Source:

You know that lights do attract insects. You also know that spiders feed on insects. Therefore, there may not be any direct relation between the lighting and the insect but there is, as stated, a roundabout connection. As a precautionary measure, you can shift to yellow bulbs. Softer light appeals less to insects and thus minimizes the food options for spiders. It is better to keep the lights of the garage that attract insects, turned off when not required.

Clean Up Almost Daily

Spiders love dusty and dirty areas. Hence, to eliminate them you need to keep your garage clean.Keeping your garage clean with periodic junk removal is the best way to keep spiders out of your garage.

how can i get rid of spiders in the house - keep it clean
A Clean Garage

Sweeping and vacuum cleaning is a must on a daily or alternate basis. You should clean the spider webs and egg sacs as soon as you catch a sight of them. This will remove the full-grown spiders and will lessen the chances of increased invasion.

Protection on Windows, Vents, and Holes

So far we were talking about how we can eradicate the existing spiders in the garage. But we also need to prevent them from entering at all. So, as a measure, you can place tight-fitted screens on the windows, doors, and vents. You should keep the outlets shut as much as possible.

eliminate spiders from your house seal the windows
Properly Sealed Windows, Source:

For any holes or cracks in the walls, you can use caulk or spackling paste available in the hardware store. You may also prepare a thick paste out of permethrin 5% powder and petroleum jelly and apply on the holes to seal it. Flypapers may also be used to trap the spiders.

Best Spider Repellents

How To Keep Spiders Out Of Garage home remedies
Keep spiders out of your home with natural remedies, Source:

For spider repellents, you may either use chemical spray or call the pest control. Options of home repellents are also available which you can use to keep spiders away.

Few effective spider repelling techniques are:

  • Essential oils like lavender oil, peppermint oil or tea tree oil can be used as a spray. These can be bought from any health food stores.
  • A solution of vinegar and coconut oil also helps.
  • The scent of cinnamon is disliked by spiders.
  • Horse chestnuts can be scattered inside and around the garage.
  • The holes and outlets can be coated with lemon essence.

Identifying spiders can be tricky. Well if you can identify the spider you can eliminate them using a 4 step process as mentioned in this video.

Do Spiders Poop – An Interesting Subject

Many people have this doubt seeing the amount of mess the spiders create. Spiders do not urinate or pass feces like we humans do. They rather remove a common solid matter, mainly uric acid, from their body! The things that we see on webs are mainly spider eggs which if not cleaned can lead to more spiders!

Your Turn to Clean

No that you know how to keep spiders out of your garage, start taking action resort to a cleaner garage.

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