5 Smart Ways: How To Cool A Garage Without Breaking The Bank?

If you like to spend a lot of leisure time in the garage, then you’ll surely not like sulking inside. Your garage may get extremely hot and humid on summer days. So if you are willing to work out or indulge in crafting, then such a high temperature will surely not help you. The temperatures inside a garage can be 5-10 degrees higher than the outside temperature. So here are a few tips to help you to devote more  concentrated time to your passion.

How to Keep a Garage Cool?

Keeping a few important things in mind can help you keep your garage cool. Choose an appropriate time, ensure proper garage venting or try installing a cooling system in the garage! Here are the options that you have to keep your garage cool.

Choose Your Work Time Carefully

The garage is likely to be warmer during the afternoon or the daytime. Therefore, before going in the garage, make sure you open the gates of the garage for some time so that the trapped heat is released. Early morning is a good time for you to be in the garage but only after letting out the heat.

Park the Used Vehicle at a Distance

The heat absorbed by the used car and the heat emitted out by it can cause the inside temperature to rise especially if the garage has no windows. So, it is always a better option to leave your car outside for some time until it cools down a bit before finally parking it inside.

Declutter and Keep Your Garage Cool

Clean up the mess and arrange the tools in your garage. The added debris also contributes to the increased temperature of your garage because it hinders the natural airflow. Clearing the area gives the air more space to flow.

Well – Ventilated Garage Cooling System

Normally stationed on the roof, passive ventilation requires very little or almost no energy while dispersing heat from the attic of the garage. These are like the rotating turbine vents.

how to cool a garage with vents
Installing proper vents in the garage, Source: Youtube.com

Active ventilation, on the other hand, is a bit more complex and costly and also consumes a lot of electricity but is more efficient. This process includes a mechanical system that uses ventilation fans stationed on the roof which can be stationed as well on the walls of the garage ideally on the other side of the garage door. This process just ensures proper venting of the garage to keep it cool.

how to keep your garage cool with air fans

Ensure airflow with fans, Source: newair.com

How to Cool a Garage with No Windows: Air Cooling Systems

A cheaper way of cooling down your garage can be with the installation of a household fan. It can be of any sort: box fans, a high-voltage fan used in shops, a pedestal fan or a ceiling fan may also do the job. These fans can be directed towards the door or window of the garage for generating airflow and keeping the temperature tolerable.

how to cool a garage with no windows
Air Conditioning Units, Source: learn.livingdirect.com

Air conditioning can be costlier than installing mere fans but is equally effective. For a centrally air-conditioned garage, you have to keep the garage completely insulated for retaining the cool air. You may also use smaller air conditioning units that can be mounted on the garage window. These solutions can provide the garage with a comfortable working condition.

Choose the Colors Wisely to Keep Your Garage Cool

Choose lighter shades of colors when you are planning to paint your garage. A lighter shade applied to the exterior and doors will reduce the amount of sunlight being absorbed, keeping the garage naturally cool.

Insulate and Dehumidify

If you do reside in a place with high humidity, a dehumidifier can be at your rescue. Dehumidifiers along with reducing humidity also slightly lower the temperature of your garage.

garage cooling that works
Proper insulation can help cool your garage, Source: powersolarphoenix.com

Insulating a detached garage reduces the amount of heat being absorbed by the garage walls and keeping the cool air inside. Therefore, polystyrene or polyurethane can be used making your garage doors for insulation. Wood is a form of a natural insulator.

Weatherstripping or silicone caulk could be added to the foot of your garage door or any other outlets for providing maximum insulation.

Over to You

Garage cooling is easier than it sounds. Keep some basic things in mind and choose either of the solutions mentioned above and have a cooler garage.

I hope I was able to answer your query of “How to cool a garage?”! A guide on how to keep your garage warm in the winter will come soon. Hope you liked this article.


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