How To Organize A Garage in 5 Easy Ways?

Are you spending more time looking for your garage tools than actually using them? Well, you are certainly not fond of them, or you do not love your tools enough! Learn how to organize a garage in some basic and easy ways in this short and crisp guide.

How to Keep Garage Organized?

Arrangement and organization of tools is a must when most of the tools are small and can get lost easily. You can keep tool organizers in your garage so that your garage is decluttered and nothing goes missing. In this article I am going to introduce the 5 best ways to keep the garage organized

How to Organize Pliers, Screwdrivers- Use Tool Cabinets

Tool cabinet arrangements are easy to build, and useful at the same time. They can hold a lot of your regular garage tools like screwdrivers and pliers. Sturdy cabinets may also support heavy machines. Another thing strikingly amazing about the tool cabinets is the cost of crafting it. The price is really low compared to its utility. These cabinets can be made out of wood, iron, steel or wires.

How To Organize A Garage
Tool Cabinets, Source:

You just need to measure the height, width, and length and adjust your cabinet accordingly. Or you may combine 2 to 6 closed or open shelves in various ways to suit your requirements. You can buy them online from amazon as well.

How to Keep Power Tools Properly – Use Tube Organizers

This is a very efficient way of storing your tools. You may use empty tissue rolls, PVC pipes or any paper, cardboard rolls you may get. The closed end of the pipe can be either sealed or attached to the wall.

There are a lot of very important tools that can be organized using the tube organizers. Look how the power tools are kept neatly in the picture. You may also sort and arrange the different cords, like the ones you need to charge the items like drilling machines etc.

How to keep your garage organized using tube organizers
Tube Organizers, Source:

Besides specific garage tools, you will also be able to arrange your baseball bats, racquets, and long-handled tools.

Stackable Wire Shelves – Versatile Garage Organization Solution

Among many ways by which you can increase the storage space in your garage, wire shelving is a winner. You can be creative with this and also spending very less money. Wall mounted wire shelf is an awesome way to keep various items in your garage organized. These wire shelves are stackable as well, with one placed over the other to reduce the space requirements.

How To Organize A Garage using wireshelves
Wire Shelves, Source:

With a change in your requirements, you will discover the versatility of the storage wall too. You can do this just by unscrewing the hooks or shelves and reposition the entire system.

Magnetic Tool Hangers – Use Space Under Cabinets, Shelves

Space crunch is everywhere. You may have a small garage and minimum space for storing pieces of equipments. For mending out space in such a situation you may want to take the help of magnetic tool hangers. The space under the cabinets and the shelves are completely overlooked. Useful utilization of this space can make your task way easier.

How To Organize A Garage using magnetic tool hangers
Magnetic Tool Hanger, Source:

The various nuts and bolts can be put into mason jars fitted with magnets on their lid. These mason jars get attached under the cabinets and shelves which also have a magnetic strip on them.

Pegboard Tool Storage – Keep Your Wrenches Organized

A pegboard can be screwed to the wall. To the pegboard, you can insert dowels to create racks. These dowels when placed one after the other at a closer distance can be used to hang useful tools like wrenches and pliers in the garage. 

How To Organize A Garage using pegboards
Peg Board, Source:

Even screw-on hooks can be incorporated on the pegboard and placed wall to wall. This has the capability of holding extremely heavy items like a wheelbarrow and even a bike.

Over To You

Keeping the garage organized can be super easy using the 5 different things mentioned in this article. Now that you know how to organize a garage, take action and make your garage the best one in the neighborhood.

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