TheWrenchGuy Scholarship for $500

Who we are is a publication dedicated to providing quality power tool reviews and DIY guides for the novice and the expert alike. We pride ourselves on authoring non-biased and authoritative content in the home improvement field. We are a team of passionate tinkerers always working a new project at home or in the office. We have experience in multiple fields, including automotive, construction, carpentry, electrical and a plethora of related fields.

Why We Offer a Scholarship Program

We offer a scholarship for the simple reason that we all went to University and know what it’s like to have to eat Ramen noodles because you can’t afford anything else. So we want to help alleviate some of the financial burden that’s placed on our students today. With the rising cost of education it seems like providing a scholarship is us trying to do our part and to give back to the community.

Who Can Participate in Our Scholarship Program

To qualify for our scholarship program we ask that you be a student in one of the following fields: Automotive, Construction, Architecture, Interior Design, Electrical, Engineering (Any engineering field), HVAC, Carpentry, or any related technical field. We are seeking passionate students interested in the technical field and geek out on the idea of working collaboratively with the next generation of experts, technicians, technologists and engineers.

Participating in our scholarship program is not only financially rewarding but can also help you get your foot in the door by getting your content published on an authoritative blog. It’s no secret that employers Google potential candidates, so why not give prospective companies that you’re seeking out an opportunity to see what you’re made of when they inevitably Google you.

How to Participate

Participating is easy! We’re looking for you to either write a comprehensive review of a power tool (e.g. Best Bench Top Drills), automotive tool or related, to write a DIY guide for the enthusiast, or to write an article on how tools work. Your article should be 3000 words in length, be completely original, and



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