Choosing the Right Workbench Height for Your Shop

  • Workbench Weight : 31.3 lbs
  • Workbench Height : 23 ⅛”-30 ⅛”
  • Workbench Surface : 24” x 9 11/16” (Closed)
  • Weight Capacity : 450 lbs
  • Workbench Weight : 41 lbs
  • Workbench Height : 29.5”
  • Workbench Surface : 29” x 20 ⅝” (Open)
  • Weight Capacity : 550 lbs
  • Workbench Weight : 37.8 lbs
  • Workbench Height : 31 ⅝”
  • Workbench Surface : 26 ⅜” x 17 9/16”
  • Weight Capacity : 550 lbs

Picking the right workbench for your shop is about more than materials, size, and cost. You need to pick a workbench that is an appropriate height and depth, too. A workbench that is not designed for the type of work you are doing can be annoying to use, and can even lead to serious health problems.

Best Workbench

1. Workmate 225

Workmate 225

This is the modern version of the classic folding work table by Black + Decker. The stamped steel frame and laminated bamboo work surface are durable and functional. This model has dual clamping surfaces that allow individual adjustment of each side of the tabletop. The folding legs have rubber skids that keep the table in place and the design of this table provides excellent stability, even when working with oversized projects.

The table height is adjustable by folding the legs underneath, allowing for a lower working surface ideal for heavy projects. The folding mechanism lets you quickly fold the table for transport or storage, and makes it easy to set up anywhere. The height of this table makes it ideal for heavy work, like sanding and cutting lumber, but it is too short for long term work.

The 225 is capable of holding up to 450 lbs on its surface without failing. That’s enough weight capacity to handle big jobs, like automotive repair, but this table is really designed for woodworking. The clamping top is ideal for cutting lumber and the stable legs allow consistent cuts even when working with 10’ long 2”x4”s. Black + Decker thoughtfully incorporated positions for dogs to allow surface clamping of tools like a miter saw.


  • Durable, portable, and easy to use
  • Design of folding legs provides great stability
  • Versatile clamping top and dual-height make it perfect for most jobs
  • Workbench Weight : 31.3 lbs
  • Workbench Height : 23 ⅛”-30 ⅛”
  • Workbench Surface : 24” x 9 11/16” (Closed)
  • Tabletop Clamp Opening : 9 ⅞”
  • Weight Capacity : 450 lbs
  • Steel Construction : Bamboo Work Surface
  • Thickness : Folds to a thickness of 7”
  • Warranty : 2-year

2. Workmate 425

Workmate 425

The big brother to the 225 model, this Workmate bench can handle 550 lbs on its surface, but weighs only 41 lbs, making it easily portable. The 425 model features the same folding, clamping, and adjustable height as the smaller 225 model, but also provides a vertical adjustable work surface for awkward projects. This can increase the ergonomic comfort when working at the bench because it allows the user to set the project in a fixed place.

The 425 model features a slightly larger work surface, and also provides the same, handy spots for surface clamps. It is easily sturdy enough to mount a heavy saw, a vice, and can be used for heavy projects such as automotive repair.


  • Vertical adjustable clamping feature is unique
  • Stable, tried and true workbench platform for most jobs
  • Workbench Weight : 41 lbs
  • Workbench Height : 29.5”
  • Workbench Surface : 29” x 20 ⅝” (Open)
  • Tabletop Clamp Opening : 7 ½”
  • Weight Capacity : 550 lbs
  • Steel Construction : Bamboo Work Surface
  • Warranty : 2-Year

3. Workmate 1000

Workmate 1000

The Workmate 1000 is the newest design from Black + Decker. This workbench folds and is portable like it’s little cousins, the 225 and 425 models, but has fixed legs that do not fold under. The workbench can handle up to 550 lbs of weight, and the oversized table top is adjustable. The major improvements over the other B+D models here is the extra sturdy construction. This workbench will handle anything you have to throw at it for years and years.

The Workmate 1000 uses a similar clamping top design to the 225 and 425 models that features one-handed operation and individual movement, however the tabletop portion does not tilt like the 425 model. This workbench is slightly taller than either of the other two Workmate models, making it well suited to both heavy use and more detailed work. Taller people may find it to be too low for extended use.


  • Super stable workbench
  • Great height for most users
  • Workbench Weight : 37.8 lbs
  • Workbench Height : 31 ⅝”
  • Workbench Surface : 26 ⅜” x 17 9/16”
  • Weight Capacity : 550 lbs
  • Steel Construction : Bamboo Surface
  • Warranty : 2-Year

4. WORX Pegasus Portable Workbench

WORX Pegasus Portable Workbench

WORX is a new-comer to the portable workbench scene, but the Pegasus promises to be a steady contender for years to come. This folding workbench is substantially different from the models offered by other companies. Instead of relying on heavy, steel construction, WORX took advantage of the modern plastics we have available today to build a bench that can take as much as 1,000 lbs of weight, but only weighs 30 lbs.

The Pegasus can be folded from a tabletop to a sawhorse quickly and easily, which gives users lots of versatility. Bar clamps, included by WORX, allow for holding projects in place. The pre-assembled workbench is a great product for many types of projects. The workbench surface is rated to handle up to 300 lbs. Unique WORX locking mechanisms allow you to expand the table by connecting another Pegasus, or adding optional accessories.

The slightly higher work surface of this bench is an ideal compromise between a heavy-duty project table and a moderate-use height.


  • Super lightweight and portable workbench
  • Highly functional design
  • Good height for most types of projects
  • Workbench Weight : 30 lbs
  • Workbench Height : 32”
  • Workbench Surface : 31” x 25”
  • Weight Capacity : 300 lbs (Workbench), 1,000 lbs (Sawhorse)
  • Material : Plastic construction with steel and aluminum supports
  • Warranty : 6-Year

5. Keter Folding Workbench

Keter Folding Workbench

If you are planning on using a workbench for numerous woodworking projects, this bench from Keter might be the ideal choice. Its sturdy, resin and aluminum design can handle a huge amount of weight, while the compact folding design and light materials keep it easily portable.

This table gets its amazing strength from the unique X-Brace folding system that keeps the workbench strong and light. The Keter Folding Workbench uses integrated bar clamps and dogs to provide clamping and holding strength for just about any job.

The work surface is made of honeycombed thermoplastic, which provides excellent strength and impact resistance. Aluminum legs keep the workbench nice and stable, even when dealing with awkward projects like automotive repairs. The unique folding design makes this bench one of the most easy to set up and take down, as well as carry around.


  • Easily folded and stored
  • Holds heavy projects safely
  • Workbench Weight : 30 lbs
  • Workbench Height : 29 ¾”
  • Workbench Surface : 33 ¼” x 21 ½”
  • Weight Capacity : 1,000 lbs
  • Material : Thermoplastic Resin and Aluminum Construction
  • Warranty : 2-Year

6. Olympia Tools Multi-Purpose Workbench

Olympia Tools Multi-Purpose Workbench

Olympia offers this multi-purpose workbench for an excellent price. Its design is very traditional, using steel legs and supports, with two steel drawers and a pegboard for hanging tools. It also includes a light, a very nice feature to have on a workbench, no matter how bright your space might be.

The full-width drawers slide on ball bearings for ease of operation, even when you have lots of heavy tools in there. Three grounded electrical plugs are included that can be mounted on the right or left to provide quick and easy plug-ins for your power tools. It is important to remember that when you are laying out your workbench for the most ergonomic and comfortable position to arrange things like your electrical plugs on your dominant side. This workbench makes it easy for you to customize options for the best fit for you.

The workbench surface is made from particle board and is rated to only 220 lbs, so if you are planning on heavy projects, like automotive repair, this might not be a great choice. But, for most projects like wood working or simple repairs, this will be an excellent fixed workbench that offers the convenience of storage and lighting at an affordable price.


  • Affordable and sturdy workbench
  • Overhead light and three grounded plugs
  • Large drawers
  • Excellent height for most medium and light-duty projects
  • Workbench Weight : 87 lbs
  • Workbench Height : 35”
  • Workbench Surface : 47 ¼” x 23 ¾”
  • Weight Capacity : 220 lbs (Workbench), 41 lbs (Shelf)
  • Material : Steel and wood construction

7. Seville Classics Workbench

Seville Classics Workbench


  • Super durable hardwood work surface is ideal for almost any job
  • Easy to assemble
  • Workbench Weight : 69 lbs
  • Workbench Height : 37”
  • Workbench Surface : 48” x 24” 1.5” thick hardwood
  • capacity : Two ball-bearing drawers 60 lb
  • : Overhead, lighted shelf
  • Workbench Capacity : 600 lbs
  • Material : Steel and hardwood construction
  • : Six power outlets

8. Mobile Garage Workbench

Mobile Garage Workbench


  • Acacia wood surface is attractive and durable
  • Steel construction is sturdy
  • Adjustable height is ideal for varied users or projects
  • Workbench Weight : 95 lbs
  • Workbench Height : Adjustable from 28”-44”
  • Workbench Surface : 61” x 20”
  • : Steel and hardwood construction
  • : Casters provide mobility

Workbench Buyer’s Guide

What is the Right Height for a Workbench?

There is no “correct” height for a workbench. Picking the right height of the tabletop surface will depend on how tall you are and what type of work you are doing. Do you plan on sitting at your workbench while you finish projects, or are you more likely to stand up when you work? A workbench that is comfortable for working while standing is often too tall for sitting at to work.

The Rule of Thumb

When you are picking a new workbench, some simple measurements can give you a good idea of whether a bench is going to be comfortable. The rule of thumb here is that the top of the workbench generally should reach somewhere between the first knuckle of your thumb and your cuff. For really tall or really short people, finding just the right height of the table can be a challenge. An adjustable workbench or a custom design might be necessary to meet your needs.

Why The Right Workbench Height is Important

Selecting the right workbench height is important for your health. A workbench that is too low or too deep will cause you to stoop and lean forward, which can cause you to have back problems from straining. Similarly, a workbench that is too tall can make your posture bad while working. Workbench height is an important factor in determining which workbench is right for you.


Researchers have identified that a proper work space significantly reduces the likelihood of developing health problems from bad posture. In the old days, workbenches were more-or-less a standard height. We now know that a workbench designed for proper ergonomics will prevent straining your back and injuring yourself.

The type of work you plan on doing will affect the height of the workbench you are searching to find. If you are expecting to use your workbench for heavy-duty work, like planing or sanding, you will want a workbench that has a lower height. This allows you to have a better posture when applying force to your work and keeps you back and arms in a strong position. But, if you plan on doing fine detail work, like assembling electronics or making jewelry, you will want a higher workbench surface. This allows you to stand comfortably without bending forward, which can cause you back pain.

Injuries Caused by Bad Ergonomics

The most common health problems associated with bad posture include back, neck, and shoulder pain. Regularly working at a bench that is too low or too high cause stress injuries that may become permanent. You can avoid causing back pain by using a workbench that is the right height for you and the type of work you are doing. When you are working at the right workbench height, you will be able to work longer without pain and soreness.

Low back injuries are common for workers who spend time at a workbench that is too low. When our bodies are forced to lean into our work for long periods of time or when exerting lots of force, it is easy to injure your back. You will also find that a workbench that is not the right height will cause your arms to quickly become tired.

A workbench should also be laid out so that the tools you need are close at hand. Your workbench should not be too deep, and should not have obstacles that prevent you from standing comfortably. Bracing your feet is very important when working at a bench to prevent low back strain.

What Makes a Good Workbench?

There are lots of different designs of workbenches on the market today. Some are well made and are of good quality, while others are more trouble than they are worth. A good workbench will be the right height, it will be steady and stable, and it will be able to take a ton of abuse without falling apart.

Common Workbench Heights

Manufacturing companies that make workbenches today typically follow guidelines established by various health agencies when deciding the proper height of a workbench. Typically, you will find workbenches that are intended for heavy work to be between 29” and 31”. This height is considered to be appropriate for sanding, cutting, and drilling, and work that involves lots of force.

Workbench heights between 34” and about 37” are intended for lighter duty work, like assembly of parts or other types of projects. Most people will find that a workbench in this range is the ideal height for most projects around the home. For shorter individuals, a slightly lower height is better.

Fine detail and precision work should be done on a workbench that is taller. A workbench that sits between 37” and 43” is ideal for this type of work. A taller bench will keep your elbows up and prevent you from leaning into your workbench too much, which can cause neck pain.

Portable Workbenches for Heavy-Duty Work

Portable workbenches are fantastic when you have projects that need to be done outside of your workspace, or when you do not have an area where your workbench can always be set up. Portable workbenches tend to be shorter and are not intended for working for long periods of time. They are great, however, for tasks like cutting lumber, working on car parts, and many arts and crafts projects.

These are some of the most popular workbenches around because of the versatility they offer. Many are designed with ergonomics in mind.

Black + Decker Workmate

As far as portable workbenches go, it is nearly impossible to find anything more durable and well-designed than the Workmate-series of portable benches. The Workmate is the original portable, folding workbench and has been in production since at least the 1970’s for a reason. These benches are tough, versatile, and are ideal for most projects.

Black + Decker makes the Workmate in three variations that are all similar, but have some unique features. Any of these workbenches from Black + Decker will meet your needs and take a serious beating for years. These workbenches are an ideal height for most people when doing physical tasks like cutting lumber or working on automotive parts.

Fixed Workbenches

Portable workbenches are great for little jobs, but when you need something more substantial, you should look to a fixed workbench. There are a few common designs out there, and many companies making very similar products, but not all of them are equal. When you choose a fixed workbench, you will need the table to be strong, durable, and functional.

Fixed workbenches are typically taller and have a higher work surface than portable benches. If you are planning on spending lots of time working at your bench, a taller, fixed workbench is going to be a better fit. You will strain your back, legs, and arms less with a taller workbench.


Picking the best workbench for your next project can be difficult. With the expense of many workbenches, it can also be intimidating to spend money on a product, only to find that it isn’t very good. The best way to find the right workbench for you is to think about the types of jobs you are going to be doing. If you plan on working primarily in your garage, a heavy-duty fixed workbench is your best bet. But, if you are going to need a workbench that can be used in different places, a folding bench is ideal.

Many people find that having a portable workbench is very convenient for many types of projects. These benches offer lots of flexibility, but sacrifice sturdiness. Workmate products have earned a reputation as among the very best portable workbenches for their ability to stand up to years of abuse. They easily transition from automotive repair to home construction, and are useful for gardening and arts and crafts projects, too.

Fixed workbenches will always handle more abuse and be more stable, but picking a workbench that is made of high-quality materials is necessary. Seville Classics is an industry leader in the fixed workbench market because of the quality of construction and ease of assembly the workbenches they build offer. It is almost always best to pick a workbench based on the height and materials used for the work surface, as most of the metal frames out there are plenty durable.

You should also consider where in your workspace you plan to use a fixed workbench. You will want to locate the bench close to electrical supply to avoid having to run extension cords to power tools you need. A fixed bench is also a great place to mount a vice, drill press, and other tools that you use regularly. A hardwood surface is safer and more secure than a particle board surface and is nearly as durable as a metal work surface.

Selecting the right height of a workbench is critical for long-term enjoyment and your health. Picking the correct height for your workbench will make it more enjoyable for you to complete projects.


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