How Tall Should A Workbench Be? Find Your Custom Height

How tall should a workbench be or how wide should a workbench be are very common questions that users have. This article tries to answer those questions in an as simple manner as possible.

In the 21st century, the professional lives of most people revolve around a workbench. Whether you are the one using it, or you are the one making it, it is imperative that these workbenches are of the optimum size. If they are not, it could really cause pain to the user.

Is the height of your workbench important and why?

If the height of the workbench that you are using is too low, spending all day being hunched over it will definitely cause you to have back pain issues. If the workbench is too tall it will, again, cause you to put too much strain on your upper body, especially your back, and lead to difficulties.

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Back Pain is Tedious

Hence, it is quite important to make sure that your workbench is of the optimum height. This means that in addition to having a wide surface area, your workbench should also be of the height where you do not need to put in much effort to reach the working area. 

When you have a large working surface in addition to an optimum height, it ensures a comfortable experience and helps you concentrate for long periods of time.

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Determining Correct Workbench Height

In order to make sure that the workbench is of the optimum height for you, the best method to measure it is to stand straight while you facing a wall. Place your arms straight down on either side of your body, but keep your palms facing upward, parallel to the floor. Then measure the distance from the floor to the inside of the crease on your wrist, and you will have your own personalized height for the perfect workbench.

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Correct Workbench Height, Source:

You can compare this measurement to the current workbench that you are using, a table or even simply make a mark on the wall in order to gain an idea of the height. It may even benefit you to add a few inches to the measurement depending on the activity for which you will be using your workbench.

While the height of your workbench may seem quite low when you are simply standing next to it, it is important to remember that your stance will most likely change when you are working on the bench. This is especially true if you will be performing activities that will require you to use a lot of extra strength. Your stance will lower as your spread your legs in order to gain a more strengthened and secure grip while you are working.

How Tall Should a Workbench Be?

The most common height of a workbench ranges from 34 inches to 36 inches. This is quite comfortable for people of an average height.

how tall should a workbench be
Toddler Workbench,

For a workbench that is low and more comfortable for practical work, the height has been found to range between 29 inches to 30 inches. A low workbench is ideal for heavy work requiring a lot of strength.

The height of a tall workbench has been found to range between 38 inches to 39 inches. A tall bench is preferred when the work requires a lot of detail.

Over To You

Now that you know how tall should a workbench be, get yourself a workbench that’s ergonomic and comfortable. This will lead to increased concentration at work, thereby better output.


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